Headteacher EEHS Surrey

These interactive lessons made the teaching of mathematics interesting and easy to understand. They capture a student's interest and solve the problems had with discipline and classroom management.

Mrs Alison Dawson

Head of Mathematics - Heston Community School

  • Bank of Resources

The mathematics shared area has been greatly enhanced by the resources provided by Virtual tutorials. They have a natural, creative and artistic flair and this is evident in the numerous interactive lessons that the company has allowed the faculty to use.

  • Schemes of Work

Virtual Tutorials has designed competitive schemes of work, taking into account the change from the 3 to the 2-tier system.

  • Pupil Tracking 

Virtual Tutorials has successfully developed a centralised database of pupil tracking spreadsheets at KS3 and KS4, which uses complex formulae to measure current pupil progress against benchmark targets. The sheets also allow predictions for future performance to be made and assesses whether or not pupils are above, below or on target. This tracking sheet also suggests which set a student is placed in and predicts which grade they will achieve in Key Stage 4 (GCSE). The sheets take into account CATS, SATS, MidYis, Yellis and Fischer predictions and have been a valuable resource to staff at our school. I would highly recommend the purchase of this product.

  • Hearing impaired

These interactive lessons have proved to be a success with our hearing impaired students. The students have enjoyed these lessons and understand the mathematics. I wish Virtual Tutorials every success.

Ms Anjum Bhatti


Head of Hearing Impaired

  • All lessons were well planned.
  • Differentiation was always evident based on students’ I.E.P’s.
  • Interactive lessons encouraged hearing impaired students, visual learners, and behaviour deficit students to remain fully on task.
  • Constant assessment of learning throughout lessons via questions and answers, and encouraging self-assessment through the use of starter and plenary quizzes and a “traffic light” system were very useful to both staff and students.
  • NQTs, Supply, TAs and New staff noticed a vast improvement to achieving excellent classroom management skills.

I wish Virtual Tutorials all the success as a company.

Ms W Williams


"My son was predicted an E Grade in the Higher mathematics paper but only after two months of using these interactive lessons he achieved a B Grade in his mocks."

Karina, Parent

"My daughter finds mathematics very difficult to understand until she used these interactive lessons. She was over the moon when she got a B grade in her mocks after being advised by her teacher to sit for the Foundation paper. Now we are so pleased that she will be sitting for the higher paper in mathematics. Now she looks forward to learning using Virtual tutorial lessons."

Mary, Parent

"Ever since my daughter tried these interactive lessons, the hesitancy and lack of confidence that held her back is gone.  Now she tries new things with relish.  She counts the days until she can use your products again."

Christina, Parent

"My two sons have contrasting abilities and both have benefited from using virtual tutorials.  It has given them confidence in core subjects and highlighted areas they need help in.  They have both improved considerably over the year.   Virtual tutorials use helpful and approachable tutors who make learning fun.  They remember every child individually and give them great encouragement."

K. Waterhouse, Parent 

"Tom has done amazingly well since using these interactive lessons.  He has only been using these lessons for a month, but already I have noticed an improvement in reading, maths, and most of all confidence.  I would recommend this to anyone.  Tom loves it here!"

Lynne, Parent