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Virtual Tutorials Limited

Virtual Tutorials is a small private company based in Surrey, a county renowned for academic excellence. Our select clientele receive a personal service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.

Specialist training in dyslexia, BMA, BSL and ADHD

Virtual Tutorials has specialist knowledge in Dyslexia, Behaviour Management and Attention Deficit Disorder. Our company is also knowledgeable in the British sign language which enable us to produce lessons suitable for the hearing impaired students. We are very sensitive to children’s educational needs (every single child world wide matters), offering many avenues of help. Our main aim is to provide qualitative lessons that would capture a learner's interest and enjoyment leading to a better understanding of the topic being taught.

Global Knowledge of children worldwide

Our knowledge of the private and global sectors enhances our ability to provide qualitative and professional lessons enjoyed and understood by all. We at Virtual Tutorials take a lot of pride in the design of teaching and learning tools that would capture and enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. 

Detailed three part Lessons

We structure our lessons using a three part format. Every worksheet within a three part lesson has detailed working out for students to exchange excercises to mark during the lesson. This reduces a teacher's workload so that more time can be had to discuss topics. Our lessons also encourage role reversal so that a studendent can lead a starter or plenary. Teachers have readymade lessons to look over and refresh ways of delivering them. Non subject specialists, TA's and Supply staff can teach these lessons without having the trouble to research the topic.

Specialist staff on our books

Our company employs experienced and professional staff, subject specialists and IT consultants to deliver only the best to all its customers. The views and feedback from all our students, parents and teaching staff are highly valued and help in producing quality lessons. All our lessons are written and prepared by subject specialist and trained staff with a complete understanding of the National Curriculum. Furthermore our lessons have been tested and approved by ofsted.


Lessons are produced in this interactive form with VAK in mind. Students and teachers enjoy this form of teaching and learning with a thirst for more.