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Do Children learn the fundamentals of math by doing endless rows of manual calculations day after day, week after week, year after year?

Yes practise does make perfect and setting exercises for students is a good thing


Doing the exercises yourself as a teacher at your teacher’s desk whilst the students are busy working tends to bring out the competitive spirit in them.

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Thank you for your feedback on our Site and Sample Lessons

Thank you for your feedback on our site and sample lessons. We look forward to feedback from Teaching Staff and Schools.

Would you find the lessons interesting enough?

Have you tried the ‘Sample Lessons’ out with your class?

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Thank you for your feedback. They are important to us.

Recently one of our students Shruti in year 10 took her GCSE early in mathematics and achieved an A*. She also did half her science GCSE and achieved an A* in physics, an A* in chemistry, and an A* in biology. Her posting is above in the comments she made while using our on line interactive tutorials for mathematics and science.

At present she is in year 11 and studying for the second half of her science GCSE and the first year A’Level for mathematics.

An update for this student is that for her GCSE’s she has all A* in all her sciences and mathematics

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